Celebration of the 65th anniversary

On Friday, May 6, we celebrated the 65th anniversary of the Cooperative Inwalidów “Metal”. The jubilee became an opportunity to visit our company by city officials and representatives of the largest enterprises in Bytów, including President of Drutex, Mr. Leszek Gierszewski, President of Polmor, Mr. Bogdan Lubiński, President of Wireland, Mr. Henryk Recław, and President of Dabew, Mr. Jerzy Koska.

The 65th birthday of our company was a great opportunity to honor and reward employees with the longest work experience in the Cooperative. Messrs. Marian Cichosz (46 years of work), Tadeusz Kaźmierczak (45 years of work) and Czesław Wardyn (44 years of work) received medals from the President of the National Audit Association of the Disabled Cooperative and the Blind Cooperative from Warsaw, Mr. Jerzy Szreter.

The guests had the opportunity to learn about the history of our company and modern machinery. Please see the photos.