We are entering the new year with new opportunities!

The purchase of a new CNC drilling machine broadens our operating prospects!

Thanks to it, all details will now be processed with even greater precision and repeatability.

CMA model TRD CNC drilling machine with a movable head in 3 axes X, Y, Z, is designed for drilling, bevelling, chamfering, marking, threading and milling in sheet metal, flat bars, sections, profiles and steel pipes. Thanks to the use of a 4-axis rotator, it is also possible to drill steel pipes in automatic mode with the pipe rotating around the axis.

In our company, details are drilled in large numbers of holes and with high repeatability. Therefore, we want the machine software to be simple and quick – not causing any problems. Thanks to this service, it will be possible to easily design more details, which will allow us to improve our work and the speed of performed orders, while minimizing the risk of error.

Therefore, we are ready to accept further orders for drilling or milling services!